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Cable Assembly Ordering Information

Cable Assembly Numbering System
Connector Type Connector Code
3 mm 01
7/16 DIN 02
7 mm 03
BNC, 50 Ohm 04
BNC, 75 Ohm 05
F 06
FME 07
MB 08
MCX 09
MM 10
N, 50 Ohm 12
N, 75 Ohm 13
SMA 14
SMB 15
TNC, 50 Ohm 16
TNC, 75 Ohm 17
UHF 18
UHF Mini 19
RJ45 20
DB37 21
DB25 22
DB9 23
RJ12 24
DB15 25
Unterminated 26
FC/PC 28
ST/PC 29
Bantam tt251 31
LC/PC/td> 32
SC/PC 33
Hirose PO73-J-2.5CV 34
2.92 mm 35
2.4 mm 41
GPO 42

Cable Type Cable Code
 CAT5 Shielded Belden 1624P AA
 RG142 Belden 83242 AD
 RG178 AE
 RG316 Belden 83284 AF
 RG316 DB M17/152-00001 AG
 RG402 Semi-rigid .141, Belden 1673A AH
 RG405 Simi-rigid .085, Belden 1671A AI
 RG58 Belden 9311 AJ
 RG59 Belden 543945 AK
 RG6 Belden 82248 AL
 SF142 Times Microwave 308-011-142SFB-T AM
 SS402 Harbour SS402 AN
 SS405 Harbour SS405 AO
 Telephone 8 Conductor 28-008-PV-Round AP
 16 Pair 26 AWG 1249 016A AQ
 9 pair 24 AWG Belden 9539 AR
 RG214 Times Microwave M17/75RG214 AS
 RG400 Times Fiber RG400/U AT
 RG179 M17/094-RG179 AU
 RG174 Belden 8216 010 AV
 CAT5 White Solid AW
 CAT5 Yellow Solid AX
 CAT5 Blue Solid AY
 CAT5 Red Solid AZ
 Fiber 3 mm Singlemode (Yellow) BA
 RG223 BB
 26 AWG Solid 8 Conductor BC
 8771 Belden 3 Conductor Shield Drain BD
 RG8 Belden 9914 BE
 Fiber 1.6 mm Singlemode (Yellow) BF
 12 Fiber Single Mode Simplex Distribution Cable BG
 Belden 8218 BH
 Fiber 62.5 Multimode Duplex (Orange) BI
 Fiber 9/125 Singlemode Duplex (Yellow) BJ
 RG316 DB Belden BK
 Times Microwave LMR200 BL
 Times Mircowave LMR400 BM
 Steel Flex SF
 Other - Please Specify OT

Connector Style
Straight Male
Straight Female
Right-Angle Male
Right-Angle Female
Bulkhead Male
Bulkhead Female
Group Code
Assembly MA
Coaxial MC
Fiber MF
Multiconductor MM

Custom Code
Plain X
Custom C

'Custom' Assembly Types:

Plain  -  Straight or unformed cable
Custom - Cable bent or formed according to customer drawing or specification

Example 1: MA-14-B-14-C-AI-C
Produces: Cable assembly using RG-405 cable, with SMA straight female on one end, SMA right-angle male on the other end, bent or formed according to customer supplied drawing or specification. (length specification may be omitted on cables formed per customer supplied spec or drawing)

Example 2: MC-06-E-05-A-AK-X-19
Produces: Cable assembly using RG-59 coax cable, type F bulkhead male on one end, straight 75 Ohm BNC male on the other end, measuring 19 inches from end to end.

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