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Thank you for your interest in Microwave Devices’ line of RF & Microwave Passive Components and RF Coaxial Connectors. We are pleased to have the opportunity to familiarize you with our company and our products. Since incorporating in 1959, Microwave Devices has designed and manufactured a wide variety of products for commercial and military customers. Our products include a broad range of RF & Microwave Components, the Bendix/Dage Connector and Adapter line, and measurement equipment.

Recently, new component product lines have been introduced to better satisfy today’s demanding requirements. These products include improved and expanded lines of attenuators and terminations (loads), combline cavity filters, and directional couplers. In addition, we're pleased to say that our ferrite isolator and circulator line is being expanded to satisfy ever–changing market demands. Rounding out our product offerings are a wide range of waveguide components, Bendix/Dage Connectors and adaptors, cable assemblies, rf power dividers & combiners, as well as measurement and monitoring equipment.

This website provides an overview of current standard products, but is not a limit of our capabilities. Contact Microwave Devices with your specific applications and let us prove our commitment to providing quality and professionalism to our customers.

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