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MDI's wide selection of waveguide products is among the most complete offered anywhere. From isolators and circulators to couplers, filters, isolators, adapters, iso-adapters, ferrite switches, terminations, and interconnecting assemblies, you will find what you need. In both rigid or flex waveguide, we specialize in custom assemblies built to your specifications and also offer standard models. MDI excels at high power, high frequency waveguide products, and our products are pressurized where required, and available in Aluminum, Brass, Copper, or Invar materials. In addition to producing individual components, MDI also integrates waveguide assemblies into one package, thereby avoiding extra flange connections and enhancing electrical performance. Microwave Devices produces a complete lineup of waveguide terminations. Our terminations are available in the following configurations: precision low power, small size low power, and high power. The high power terminations are available with different modes of cooling. Standard models may be cooled by forced air, liquid cooled, water cooled, or a combination.

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